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Carolyn Kashner

Audiobook Narrator and Voiceover Actor

"A colorful and expressive voice brimming with delightful vivacity"

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Carolyn Kashner gives a very good performance of this story. She has such an array of voices to share in the book, and each one is specific to the character. She brings out the personalities in each, let's us feel the suspense and helps us through the danger with her inflections and emotional pull. It was wonderful.


There are 16 hours of great listening as the talented narrator, Carolyn Kashner takes you to wonderful places and with excellent expressive dialog that will keep you listening till the very end. I recommend this wonderful listening experience.


Carolyn Kashner narrated this audiobook and she did a fantastic job. She varied her voices for both male and female characters and inflected just the right amount of emotion in all the right places. I really enjoyed listening to this story and look forward to other audiobooks in this series!




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Carolyn is a professional storyteller with over a decade and a half's experience in theatre, film and voiceover acting.  Carolyn started narrating audiobooks in 2015, and since then has independently produced 42 audiobooks (with 2 more in the works), contributed to more than 150 multi-cast audiobooks with Graphic Audio, and narrated numerous books through Potomac Talking Books and Tantor Media.  Carolyn has an RE20 microphone and soundproof Whisper Room, and is able to produce broadcast quality audio projects from the comfort of her own home.  In addition to her experience as a performer, Carolyn is also an artist, writer, prodigious reader, mediocre gardener, and dog ultra-enthusiast.  


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